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Project Finster

Duo Cranks Out Progressive Instrumentals

Twisted Pair is the new CD-R from a pair of guitarists from Connecticut - Sonny Parlin and Michael Gargiulo. Largely progressive instrumental rock guitar, the music also draws on influences from the fusion, shred, techno and ambient genres. The album is loaded with superb guitar playing and six string highlights - the two tracks selected for preview are representative, however the remaining ten instrumentals also offer unique and worthwhile sonic pleasures. You'll find examples of blazing shred on tracks such as "Error 58" - evidentally both guitarists are capable of burning up the fretboard when the arrangement calls for it. Twisted Pair will appeal to fans of the heavier instrumental guitar typically found on this site, and hopefully it will be the first of many team efforts for Parlin and Gargiulo. Project Finster were originally profiled in the April-May, 2001 edition of The Undiscovered.

alb Project Finster came together in October of 2000, when two good friends, both passionate about writing music, decided to collaborate. Sonny and Michael have known each other for roughly 12 years, and have played together in the past (notably in the band Hocus Pocus). Their goal was to bring something new to the instrumental guitar genre by putting together diverse influences such as Greg Howe and Radiohead. Both guitarists have been playing for about 14 years and are both largely self-taught.

Project Finster was formed with the idea of making cool music. The years ahead should find the group delievering on the dream.

Contact Information
Project Finster
16 Byington Place
Suite 4
Norwalk, CT 06850
United States

E-mail: Project Finster
Web site: www.projectfinster.com

Steven Coon

Fresh Acoustic Guitar Fusion

Steven Coon, guitarist from Southern California, submitted his twelve song instrumental CD-R, A Loss For Words. Though many of the songs are delicate acoustic guitar solo or duet pieces, many also feature a fuller arrangement with Ed Faulkner (drums), John Cox (keyboards), and Bernie Wolfe (bass). Coon also mixes it up by introducing overdriven guitar in some of the pieces to frame more exciting solos. The music is relaxing and resonates with a timeless quality, but Coon's skill with melody and harmony takes the productions beyond just beautiful mood driven acoustic tracks. "Avalon" and "Above The Clouds" are just two examples of pieces which showcase the guitarist's ability to make his instrument speak and blend with the band. Excellent work. Steven Coon was originally profiled in the April-May, 2001 edition of The Undiscovered.

pic Steven has been playing the guitar in the Southern California area for over 20 years, in a wide variety of original and cover bands. He has always loved artists that fuse various styles and textures together to make something fresh and interesting. Steven's goals with his own music are to accomplish a similar fusion and to take the listener somewhere special.

Coon is currently assembling a live band to perform the songs on A Loss For Words locally, as well as to go back into the studio to record his next CD, "Out With The In", which should be available by year end of 2001.

Contact Information
Steven Coon
41843 Shorewood Ct.
Temecula, CA 92591
United States

Web site: www.stevencoon.com

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