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Alan Lennon

When Irish Shred Is Smiling

An Irish shredder on a mission, Alan Lennon submitted his 8 song instrumental guitar demo on CD-R, entitled Heaven's Call. The opening track, "Missing You", was written for his best friend who passed away, and is a great example of the dynamics that Lennon uses in his composing. The song rises from melancholy to ripping shred in a heartbeat, and the guitarist uses a variety of tones (ala Marty Friedman) to give each section in the song an appropriate quality. An example of a blazing fretfest would be "Cherry Bomb", loaded with technical playing and a balls-to-the-walls sound. Overall, his compositions have a cinematic presence to them - you can picture them being used in movies or documentaries. Lennon is on the fast track to recording some excellent instrumental work - let's hope he devotes himself to this task. Alan Lennon was originally profiled in the February-March, 2001 edition of The Undiscovered.

alb Alan has been playing guitar for the past seven years and interestingly, his biggest influence is not a guitarist, but the Irish singer Enya. Alan has a strong interest in instrumental music, as he feels it does not hide behind lyrics and because it uses melody and passion to drive the message home. His only dislike is guitar players who play fast just because they can.

Lennon's goal is to reach a very high level of technique on the guitar so he can stop practicing and spend more time composing. He would also like to write film scores eventually.

Contact Information
Alan Lennnon
Ardamine, Donore, Bagenalstown
Co. Carlow

E-mail: Alan Lennon


Hammering Home Guitar Fury

The duo of guitarist Peter Karys and guitarist/bassist Rich Spillberg have recorded a CD-R of nine "in your face" guitar instrumentals entitled Just A Taste. Written and arranged by Karys, the songs feature brutal guitar shred, dual-guitar interplay, rock-inspired intensity. The opener "Stealth" is ironically titled, because it doesn't sneak up on you - it pulls a full-frontal assault on your cerebrum, as both guitarists "go for the throat" and display a wealth of guitar techniques. This is some cool stuff. Karys mixes in a dose of his Greek musical heritage in a number of the pieces, but the overall effect is still a hard rock and progressive blend, with that little something extra to make it worth repeated listenings. Karys and Spillberg are both highly talented players who have used their studio time wisely. Just A Taste stands as an instrumental rock maelstrom. Karys/Spillberg were originally profiled in the February-March, 2001 edition of The Undiscovered.

pic Peter Karys has been playing guitar for 20 years. With both parents from Greece, he grew up listening to Greek music and fell in love with the Bouzoukis complex melodies. At age 12, Peter started playing guitar, with influences ranging from KISS and Thin Lizzy to UFO and the Scorpions. He enjoys taking his past influences and fusing in elements of blues, jazz, classical and Greek music to bring a "freshness" to the instrumental rock musical form.

The goal of Karys and Spillman is to reach a broad audience who enjoy "in your face" guitar rock.

Contact Information
Peter Karys Music
17 Worcester Drive
Norwood, MA 02062
United States

E-mail: Karys/Spillberg

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