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Jason Becker

"The Raspberry Jams"

The Story
"The Raspberry Jams" are a collection of demos, songs and ideas on guitar from the archives of Jason Becker's many tapes. In the words of Jason Becker himself, "The songs on "The Raspberry Jams" were all recorded so I wouldn't forget them as possible songs for some CD. I never planned on releasing these versions, but as I listened to this stuff, I thought, 'hey, it isn't right to hide this neat music.' So here you go. I hope you get as big of a rush listening to it as I do." For a fascianting glimpse of immense talent in the rough and raw, check out the 25 raspberry jams contained on this CD.

The Music
03:52 Becker-Ola Instrumental
01:28 Mandy's Throbbing Little Heart Instrumental
00:44 Amma Instrumental
01:52 When You Wish Upon A Star Instrumental
04:06 Jasin Street Instrumental
02:40 Beatle Grubs Instrumental
01:18 Grilled Peeps Instrumental
05:04 If You Have To Shoot..Shoot-Don't Talk Instrumental
02:37 Purple Chewable Fern Instrumental
03:14 Black Stallion Jam Instrumental
00:35 Amarnath Instrumental
03:13 Angel Eyes Instrumental
01:49 Throat Hole Instrumental
04:22 Dang Sea Of Samsara Instrumental
02:11 Urmila Instrumental
05:26 Thousand Million Suns Instrumental
03:04 Clean Solo Instrumental
00:44 Too Fast, No Good For You! Instrumental
01:33 Sweet Baboon Instrumental
01:06 Shock Tea Instrumental
04:36 Ghost To The Post Instrumental
02:10 Blood On The Traches Instrumental
02:08 Oddly Enough Instrumental
00:24 Crush Instrumental
00:34 Vocal Silliness Instrumental

The Artists
Jason Becker  -  All Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals (HA!), Drum Programming (another HA!), Production, Arrangement, Engineering, Cover Artwork Design
Ehren Becker  -  Bass on "Beatle Grubs", Voice on "Vocal Silliness"
Marty Friedman  -  1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th Guitar Solos on "Black Stallion Jam"
Mike Varney  -  Executive Production
Dave Stephens  -  Cover Artwork Design
Mike Bernesderfer  -  Digital Restoration, Mastering from Cassette Material
Christopher Ash  -  Digital Restoration, Mastering from Cassette Material
Ross Pelton  -  Photography
Gary Becker  -  Cover Art

Everything was recorded at Jason Becker`s home on either a four track or eight track recorder. "Black Stallion Jam" was written and played by Becker and Friedman in less than an hour.

Digitally restored and mastered at Spark Mastering.

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