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Jason Becker


The Story
Shred/neo-classical guitarist Jason Becker, stricken with Lou Gehrig's disease at age 20, released his CD "Perspective" at age 25. Using a MIDI-based studio including a keyboard, Macintosh, sequencing software and an analog recording system, Becker has created his own system for making music via computer. "As my guitar playing dwindled, something else in my music got better," stated Becker. "Many times in music, if you are given limitations, it expands the creativity." "Perspective" features an impressive array of guest performers on the record including Michael Lee Firkins, Matt and Gregg Bissonette, Steve Hunter and Journey's Steve Perry.

The Music
07:03 Primal Vocal
03:14 Rain Instrumental
11:46 End Of The Beginning Instrumental
05:28 Higher Instrumental
04:46 Blue Instrumental
09:11 Life And Death Instrumental
05:15 Empire Instrumental
08:38 Serrana Instrumental
05:22 Meet Me In The Morning Vocal

The Artists
Jason Becker  -  Electric Guitar, Clean Guitar, Keyboards, Production, Orchestration, Arrangement, Mixing, Cover Concept, Art Direction, Design
Raz Kennedy  -  Chorus Vocal Melody, Ending Voice
Gregg Bissonette  -  Drums
Matt Bissonette  -  Fretless Bass
Rick Walker  -  Percussion (Dumbec, Bass Tar), RIQ (Egyptian Tambourine), Donno (Nigerian Talking Drum)
Steve Perry  -  Intro and Breakdown Voice, Percussion
Danny Alvarez  -  Keyboards, Keyboard Arrangement, Piano, Synclavier, Organ, Additional Percussion, Production, Mixing
Gary Schwantes  -  Bamboo Flute
Ron Becker  -  Acoustic Guitar, Under CD Photography
Steve Hunter  -  Rain Stick, Clean Guitar, That Cool Harmonic Thing, Production
Mike Bemesderfer  -  Flute, Yamaha Wind Controller Solos, Production, Mixing
Steve Rosenthal  -  Cymbals, Snare
Cathy Ellis  -  First Soprano
Mihoko Ito  -  First Soprano
Anisha Thomas  -  Second Soprano
Caren Anderson  -  Second Soprano
Natasha Hoehn  -  First Alto
Michelle Clair  -  First Alto
Jennie Bemesderfer  -  Second Alto
Irma De Los Santos  -  Second Alto
Joey Blake  -  Vocal Arpeggios
Melanie Ruth  -  Vocal Solo
Darren Driver  -  Brushes
David Stuligross  -  Trombone
Laurie San Martin  -  Bass Clarinet
Ehren Becker  -  Acoustic Bass
Gary Becker  -  Reverse Classical Guitar Intro, Executive Production, Back Of Booklet Photography, Paintings
Brett Tuggle  -  Vocals
Pat Mapps  -  Executive Production
David Collins  -  Mastering
Chris Minto  -  Engineering
Jeff Sheehan  -  Engineering Assistance
John Lowry  -  Engineering
Tony Mills  -  Disklavier Engineering
Glen A. Frendel  -  Vocal Engineering
Gordon Brislawn  -  Additional Sound Design
Ross Pelton  -  Front Cover, Disc & Back Cover Photography
Annie Calef  -  Cover Concept, Art Direction, Design
Dave Stephens  -  Cover Concept, Art Direction, Design
William Coakley  -  "The Perfect Piano"
Scott Hybl  -  Koto Samples

Recorded at Sound City Studios, John Lowry Studios, Spark Productions, Dorado Recording, Digital Audio Solutions, and Jason Becker`s home.

Mastered at A&M.

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