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Jason Becker

"Perpetual Burn"

The Story
"Perpetual Burn" features blistering fretwork from Jason Becker, an album that set a new standard for progressive heavy metal music. Including the always powerful Atma Anur on drums and some wicked guest guitar solos from label mate Marty Friedman, "Perpetual Burn" embodies brilliant compositions featuring Becker's highly structured and complex guitar lines. "Air" contains some of the most beautiful playing you'll hear, as Becker uses a clean tone to express emotion on a song dedicated to his parents. A true metal/shred/progressive classic.

The Music
05:37 Altitudes Instrumental
03:29 Perpetual Burn Instrumental
04:49 Mabel's Fatal Fable Instrumental
05:37 Air Instrumental
04:41 Temple Of The Absurd Instrumental
05:42 Eleven Blue Egyptians Instrumental
06:14 Dweller In The Cellar Instrumental
05:38 Opus Pocus Instrumental

The Artists
Jason Becker  -  All Lead, Rhythm and Bass Guitars, Keyboards, Production
Atma Anur  -  Drums
Marty Friedman  -  Guest Guitar Solos on "Temple Of The Absurd", "Eleven Blue Egyptians" and "Dweller In The Cellar", Production
Steve Fontano  -  Production, Engineering
Joe Marquez  -  Engineering Assistance
George Horn  -  Mastering
Dave Stephens  -  Graphics
Pat Johnson  -  Photography
Jimmy Robison  -  Photography
Mike Varney  -  Executive Production

Recorded and mixed at Prarie Sun Studios, Cotati, CA.

Mastered at Fantasy Studios.

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