"Guitarissimo" By Twinpicks Now Available - Sunday, February 12, 2012 - 7:13 AM

"Guitarissimo" is the name of the first Twinpicks CD! For years, Twinpicks worked on the songs on this album, then stored them away. Later, the tracks were enhanced with MIDI arrangements and now "Guitarissimo" is ready to hear. Twinpicks features the twin acoustic guitar work of Wolfgang Zenk (noted for his 7for4 albums) and Uli Widenhorn, both whom have a wide range of musical experience. The is also reflected in the notably diverse musical repertoire heard on the CD - from Django-like sounds to modern songs from the rock-fusion genre - all arranged for two acoustic guitars. "Guitarissimo" consists almost entirely of original compositions, complemented by rearranged cover songs. Who knows how to appreciate the many ways the acoustic guitar can be featured? Twinpicks is the answer!