Guitar Nine's June-July Edition - Friday, June 1, 2018 - 04:57 PM

The June-July edition is now online!

This edition's guest columnists are writing on topics such as minor scales, percussive acoustic playing, music theory, rhythmic variation, and soloing over Stone Mob. We've got eight contributed articles altogether - two written by a columnists new to Guitar Nine (Chris Byrd and Cassie Steele).

Italian guitarist Luca Sellitto returns with his new article "Minor Pentatonic Scale: Free Yourself From The Five Boxes". Simon Candy is back with his acoustic guitar-oriented column "How To Easily Play Acoustic Percussive Guitar". Mike Campese also returns with a technique article entitled "Harmonic Minor (Unlocking Sounds)". Guitarist Tommaso Zillio serves up two more video-enhanced articles, "How To Use Musical Form To Write Music" and "Will Learning Music Theory Change Your Playing?". Joining us for the first time is editor Cassie Steele with "10 Ways To Promote Your Music Online" and guitar instructor / session musician Chris Byrd with "How to Play Stone Mob's 'Murder Town' Solo". Finally, bassist James Rosocha returns with his article "Sequence And Rhythmic Variation".

Our new retrospective series is entitled "Guitar Nine's Attic", which will take a look back at nostalgia, artifacts, promos, photos, and other items from our 22 year history. Our third installment looks at Guitar Nine logo variations and alternatives to the original black and white version.

No new interviews in June. The February issue featured Sam Russell, James Rosocha and In Dreams of Reality.