Guitar Nine's December-January Edition - Sunday, December 2, 2012 - 7:03 PM

The December-January edition is now online!

This edition's guest columnists offer tips on working with odd time signatures, career advice, theory, and other music business tips directly to your web browser. We've got nine fresh columns altogether - seven written by by returning columnists along with two new contributors.

Tom Hess returns with "How To Turn 7 String Guitar Into A Powerful Tool For Musical Creativity". Independent music consultant Chris Knab reveals his thoughts in "Ignorant Musicians Finish Last". Mike Campese serves up a new technique column entitled "4/4 To 5/4". Guitarist Jamie Andreas returns with her article "Am I Too Old To Learn Guitar?". Tim Sweeney is back with his column on empowerment "Music Artists And The Victim Mentality". Guitarist Mike Philippov returns with "Here Is Exactly How To Practice Guitar Scales". Jerry Kramskoy is back to teach with "Theory For The Weary". Our new columnists this issue include Roo Chapus with "How To Get Guitar Endorsements" and Ryan Buckner with "Tom Hess Music Career Advice: Interview".

The December update includes a new interview with shredlord Joe Stump.