Guitar Nine's August-September Edition - Saturday, August 1, 2020 - 2:55 PM

The August-September edition is now online!

This edition's guest columnists are writing on topics such as guitar motivation, chromatics, and beginner tips. We've got six contributed articles altogether, all written by regular Guitar Nine contributors.

Mike Campese is back as always with his technique article entitled "Picking Exercises: Chromatic Sequential". Guitarist Tommaso Zillio serves up four more articles (all video-enhanced), "8 Guitar Tips Every Beginner Should Know", "Practice Guitar When You Have Limited Time", "The #1 Guitar Motivation Killer - And What To Do About It", and "How To Train Guitar Phrasing In Your Daily Practice". Finally, back after a 20-year hiatus is Dan McAvinchey with "Influences: Tom Scholz".

Also, please reread and enjoy a classic column from the Guitar Nine archives, Dan McAvinchey's "The Importance Of Now".

Our new series is entitled "Guitar Nine Focus", which gathers excellent columns written within a chosen area of focus. This time, the spotlight is on chromatic scales.