Guitar Nine's August-September Edition - Friday, August 1, 2014 - 12:53 PM

The August-September edition is now online!

This edition's guest columnists are writing about pentatonic scales, improvising and sliding intervals, all delivered directly to your web browser. We've got seven fresh columns altogether - all written by by returning columnists.

Tom Hess is back with another double shot of columnar expresso with "Ten Costly Guitar Teaching Business Mistakes" followed by the B-side of "Creating Rock Guitar Solo Improvisations". Mike Campese continues his technique focus with his article "Repeating Speed Picking Patterns". Guitarist Tommaso Zillio has contributed "Create Awesome Guitar Phrases With Sliding Intervals". Indie marketing guru Tim Sweeney recently penned "Are You Getting Paid to Criticize?" Independent music consultant Chris Knab is back with news in "Streaming Music Revenue Payments". Finally, guitarist Jean-Pierre Zammit also returns with his article "Unusual Pentatonic Runs".

The August update includes an interview with guitarist Chris Fury.