Guitar Nine Records June-July Edition - Thursday, May 31, 2012 - 5:53 PM

The June-July edition is now online!

This edition's guest columnists offer scale ideas, guitar adjustment tips and ideas for improving your practice sessions directly to your web browser. We've got eight fresh columns altogether - all written by returning columnists.

Mike Campese completes his series with his new technique column entitled "Sweeping Arpeggio Shapes Wrapup". Tom Hess returns with "How To Record Your Guitar Playing". Neal Nagaoka is back with your amazing guitar videos in "Neal's Terrifying Young Guns: 8th Edition". Guitarist Jamie Andreas returns after a break with her article "Practicing One Thing Is Practicing Everything". Marketing expert Christopher Knab returns with "Adapt... Or Don't". Guitarist Michael Knight continues his scales series with "Exotic Scales: Diminished Scale". Tim Sweeney offers more social networking advice with "Live Show Facebook Strategy". Finally, Rick Mariner has contributed "How To Straighten A Guitar Neck With An Adjustable Truss Rod".