Guitar Nine Has A New Look - Friday, December 1, 2017 - 6:09 PM

The 'site reboot' remodeling effort is complete. A responsive design and the ability to quickly add new ways to experience our content were two of the many goals we achieved with today's rollout. Going live is just the beginning; in addition to knocking out the 69 item punch-list, we're going to be adding a lot of extra features as well in the coming months - stay tuned!

Punch list fixes completed
2017-12-19 Cleaned up, deleted and renamed entries in the World Of Musical Links
2017-12-18 Renamed old letters/feedback page tp 'Our Fans'
2017-12-17 Changed mobile/tablet top menu to basic 'select' dropdown
2017-12-17 Fixed more awkward, 90's style HTML within content (font tags, etc.
2017-12-17 Fixed line breaks and outdated copyright on 94 columns
2017-12-16 Fixed blurry or incorrectly-scaled images on 300 of 700 columns
2017-12-14 Fixed blurry or incorrectly-scaled images on 400 of 700 columns
2017-12-13 Added 2012 and 2013 historical survey results
2017-12-13 Updated Javascript on the Delay Time Calculator and Record Label Profit Worksheet
2017-12-12 Added 2014. 2015, 2016 and 2017 historical survey results
2017-12-11 Added 'Real Name' and 'Guitar Playing Experience' questions to Member sign up
2017-12-11 Fixed CSS bug on Undiscovered Artist photos displaying too large
2017-12-10 Cleaned out all (non-MSN) users with bounced newsletter emails
2017-12-09 Fixed all inappropriate blockquote tags (now tabbed-paragraph class divs)
2017-12-08 Fixed the remaining 159 columns that had Click to Enlarge images
2017-12-07 Added 6-day cache for contributor tiles page
2017-12-06 Updated 217 Contributor bios/photos for the Contributor tiles
2017-12-05 Fixed Javascript on Delay Time Calculator
2017-12-05 Updated all Dan McAvinchey columns links and HTML
2017-12-05 Tagged same 209 columns with hashtags
2017-12-05 Updated 209 columns that had Click to Enlarge images
2017-12-05 Changed all .m3u links to .mp3 links
2017-12-05 Added 6-day cache for Issue grid on home page
2017-12-04 Added images for the In Review pages
2017-12-04 Set up email newsletter functionality, unsubscribe, links, etc.
2017-12-04 Cleaned up user account display and edit pages
2017-12-04 Added users and email list
2017-12-03 Added hashtag #VideoEnhancedColumn to all columns with video
2017-12-03 Added responsiveness and protocol-less url to all YouTube vides
2017-12-03 Cleaned up all quotes, double-quotes and dashes that would not render in the browser
2017-12-03 Fixed size of undiscovered artist photos
2017-12-03 Changed category and series links to go to tiles list

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