"Again" By Clark Colborn Now Available - Thursday, January 5, 2012 - 10:10 AM

Clark Colborn's new album is entitled "Again", (his second) and it's due to be released on January 2nd. Colborn's first release came out under the name "Clark Plays Guitar." The new disc is a step forward from that debut. The first time around Colborn earned some impressive critical accolades. Gregory Johnson of Beetcafe.com said, "Listening to the CD takes you back to the days when Randy Rhodes and Eddie Van Halen turned playing guitar into an art form." According to Wayne Klinger of Quintessence, "...Clark is definitely something quite different in terms of the way he writes and handles his music. The leads and rhythms are catchy and inspiring; just the whole damn CD is impressive." Michael Molenda, Editor in Chief, Guitar Player Magazine had this to say: "Clark Colborn's fat and massively effected tone comes on like Godzilla, and it shifts between slinky, silky, scary, spiky, and searing. ...his brilliantly schizoid technical/primitive approach to the guitar is pretty exciting. In short, he rocks." With reviews like that some artists might be content to release a "more of the same" sequel. Rather than take the easy route, though, Colborn ups the ante with the follow up. The change can be noted by just looking at the credits as King's X's Ty Tabor serves as the mastering engineer on the release. But the difference doesn't stop there. Colborn admits that on the first disc he held back a bit, playing it a bit safe. With "Again", he says, "I let the songs take control and go where they wanted to go. So I ended up with longer songs (the obvious single, "Lie to Me," is six and a half minutes long!), more complex arrangements (but they still flow and rock!), and vocals."