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George Bellas

"Mind Over Matter"

The Story
"Mind Over Matter" is George Bellas' second Shrapnel release, and finds the guitarist perfecting his neo-classical approach, while evoking shades of Jason Becker in places. Bellas' latest effort leads the way for a new breed of neo-classical guitar players. With a solid resume and exceptional skill as a guitarist, George Bellas will amaze even the most accomplished musician. When listening to "Mind Over Matter", be prepared for an aural assault as Bellas shows why this shred monster is considered one of the fastest players around.

The Music
03:10 Fast And Furious Instrumental
05:30 Lost Time Instrumental
02:26 Reflections Instrumental
00:43 Warcry Instrumental
04:00 The Awakening Instrumental
04:16 Breath Of Life Instrumental
00:40 Violin Solo Instrumental
04:09 Airborne Instrumental
06:16 Destiny Instrumental
04:01 God's Garden Instrumental
01:39 Collage Instrumental
04:48 Black Hills Instrumental
30:06 Orchestral Suite Instrumental

The Artists
George Bellas  -  Guitar, Production, Engineering, Mixing
Barry Sparks  -  Bass
Deen Castronovo  -  Drums
Matt Guillory  -  Keyboard Solos on "Lost Time" and "Black Hills"
Mooka Rennick  -  Engineering (Drums), Mixing
Gene Cornelius  -  Engineering (Drums)
James Murphy  -  Mixing
Christopher Ash  -  Mastering
Dave Stephens  -  Graphic Design, 3D Illustration
Pat Johnson  -  Photography

Recorded at Prodigy Studios. Drums recorded at Prarie Sun and keyboards recorded at Sound Temple Studios.

Mixed at Prarie Sun.

Mastered at Sound One.

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