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"Mar De Suenos"

The Story
With "Mar De Suenos" (Sea Of Dreams) Armik explores the depths of his musical dreams with dignity and style. His arrangements are voluptuous experiences that invite you to enjoy their beauty and vitality. It is a summation of Armik's great career, a deepening of his popular Nuevo Flamenco style, and most of all great guitar music with a language of its own. When Armik plays, he creates a beautiful musical world. Each song is very specific and you enter them as if on an adventure. Armik's playing soars magically in an explosion of captivating notes that immediately hold you spellbound. "Mar De Suenos" is a masterful move by Armik. It is populated by an impressive gallery of geographic memories that imaginatively take you to such places as the French Polynesia island of "Moorea", or the Mediterranean island of "Ibiza" or just driving up the west coast of California to the charming city of "Santa Barbara".

The Music
05:01 Azul Instrumental
04:56 Mar De Suenos Instrumental
05:12 Palmas De Oro Instrumental
05:19 Puentes Instrumental
05:03 Moorea Instrumental
01:49 Intro To Sole Instrumental
05:02 Sole Instrumental
05:14 Santa Barbara Instrumental
05:01 Spring Passion Instrumental
05:13 Morning Sun Instrumental
02:40 Ibiza Instrumental

The Artists
Armik  -  Guitars, Arrangements, Production
Bernie Grundman  -  Mastering
Barbara Babilonia  -  Graphic Design
Paula Edelstein  -  Liner Notes

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