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"Bass Extremes: Just Add Water"

The Story
"Bass Extremes: Just Add Water" reunites bassists Steve Bailey and Victor Wooten with special guests John Patitucci, Anthony Jackson, Billy Sheehan, and Oteil Burbridge. There are no "multiple tracks" from any one on this recording. Wooten and Bailey each played one track of bass on each song (when listening in stereo, Wooten is panned left, and Bailey is panned right). All special guest bass guitarists are panned center, and each guest contributed one track of bass on their respective track, for maximum low end listenability. "Bass Extremes: Just Add Water" once again brings together the top eschelon of bassists in the world to create an incredible display of musicality and phenomenal bass chops.

The Music
06:11 Tropical Storm Instrumental
05:34 Portrait Of Tracy Instrumental
04:21 Dump Cake Instrumental
00:57 Vapor Rising Instrumental
05:45 What Jamaican? Instrumental
04:41 Double Oh Six Instrumental
06:23 By, You Instrumental
05:29 Three Of Us Instrumental
05:56 Mocha Soca Instrumental
03:13 Rainey Daze Instrumental
03:20 Hoosier Pasture Instrumental
06:31 Music Of The Spheres Instrumental
06:19 Rapid Descent Instrumental

The Artists
Steve Bailey  -  6 String Frettless Bass Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Production
Victor Wooten  -  4 String Fretted Bass Guitar, Cello, Production
Dennis Chambers  -  Drums, Bass Guitar on Track 9
Oteil Burbridge  -  Bass Guitar on Tracks 3 and 6
Anthony Jackson  -  Bass Guitar on Track 5
John Patitucci  -  Bass Guitar on Tracks 8 and 9
Billy Sheehan  -  Bass Guitar on Track 13
Kurt Storey  -  Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
Dannette Albetta  -  Production Coordination
Leeann Patterson  -  Photography

Recorded at VixMix Studios in Nashville, TN and Cabana Studios in Myrtle Beach, SC.

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