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Jeff Beck


The Story
Beck's name is synonymous with the electric guitar. Hard-edged and aggressive are two phrases that could be used to describe the instrumental music on "Jeff", his latest album during his almost four decades as an Epic recording artist. His name is tantamount to innovation, as the guitarist continues to experiment with modern, cutting-edge music - otherwise known as BeckTronica. Tracks such as "Hot Rod Honeymoon" offer up some muscular blues-rock, while "Porcupine" delves into Eastern stylings and tonalities. But the guitar is treated as an orchestral element in the mix here; rather than an up-front, dominant instrument - Beck tends to blend his axe into the surprising, groove-oriented, rhythmically driving tracks.

The Music
04:19 So What Instrumental
04:48 Plan B Instrumental
04:06 Pork-U-Pine Vocal
03:48 Seasons Vocal
03:34 Trouble Man Instrumental
03:34 Grease Monkey Vocal
03:33 Hot Rod Honeymoon Vocal
05:18 Line Dancing With Monkeys Instrumental
04:20 JB's Blues Instrumental
03:18 Pay Me No Mind (Jeff Beck Remix) Vocal
04:10 My Thing Vocal
02:00 Bulgaria Instrumental
04:41 Why Lord Oh Why? Instrumental

The Artists
Jeff Beck  -  Guitar, Mixing
Steve Barney  -  Instruments
Saffron  -  Vocals
Ronnie Ancona  -  Vocal
Nancy Sorrell  -  Vocal
Baylen Leonard  -  Vocals
Kodish  -  Instruments
Tony Hymas  -  Instruments, Mixing
Wil Malone  -  Orchestral Arrangements
Andy Wright  -  Production, Vocals
Howard Gray  -  Mixing
Michael Barbiero  -  Mixing
John Hudson  -  Engineering, Mixing
Apollo 440  -  Production, Engineering, Vocal
James Brown  -  Engineering
Dean Garcia  -  Production, Mixing, Engineering, Instruments
Dave Bloor  -  Engineering
Me One  -  Production, Mixing, Vocal
Jamie Maher  -  Engineering, Mixing
David Torn  -  Re-Production, Mixing, Manipulation
Ferg Peterkin  -  Engineering Assistance
Ashley Krajewski  -  Engineering Assistance
David Coleman  -  Art Direction
Greg Waterman  -  Photography

The London Session Orchestra performed on "Seasons", "Why Lord Oh Why?" and "Bulgaria". Additional vocals on "Hot Rod Honeymoon" by the Beeched Boys.

Studios used for recording: FRS, Cell Labs (New York), Metropolis Studio (London, UK), Apollo Control (London, UK), BFD Studios (London, UK).

Studios used for mixing: Todal Studios, Cell Labs (New York), Mayfair Studios (London, UK), Sony Music Studios (London, UK), BFD Studios (London, UK).

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