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Region Artist/Band Name Style iTunes Edit
flag Patrick Woods Acoustic; Fingerstyle
flag Lyle Workman Electric; Rock; Progressive
flag Workshop Electric (Heavy); Progressive; Hard Rock
flag Adam Worrell Electric (Heavy); Neo-Classical Metal; Shred
flag David Wright Electric; Fusion
flag Peter Xifaras Acoustic; Classical; New Age
flag Phi Yaan-Zek Electric; Fusion; Rock
flag Paul Yates Acoustic; Rock; Pop
flag Sam Yelda Electric (Heavy); Neo-Classical Metal; Shred
flag Clas Yngstrom Trio Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Blues
flag Tom Yoder Acoustic; Rock
flag Mark Yodice Acoustic; Fingerstyle
flag Yogi Electric; Hard Rock
flag Doug Young Acoustic; Fingerstyle; Folk
flag Marty Young Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Powell Young Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Rob Eberhard Young Acoustic; Fusion
flag Z-Works Acoustic; New Age
flag Sakis Zachariades Electric; Fusion; Jazz
flag Dimitris Zafirelis Acoustic; World; Fusion
flag Zanister Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal
flag Dweezil Zappa Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Frank Zappa Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Drew Zaunbrecher Electric (Heavy); Blues; Hard Rock
flag Tolis Zavaliaris Project Electric; Jazz; World
flag Neil Zaza Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Stevie Zee Band Electric (Heavy); Blues; Rock
flag Zeelion Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Hard Rock
flag Jon Zeeman Electric; Fusion; Blues
flag Zenfin Electric; Rock; Hard Rock
flag Zeroesque Electric (Heavy); Progressive; Fusion
flag Glenn Zervas Acoustic; New Age
flag Cheng Zhen Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Jungle
flag Theodore Ziras Electric (Heavy); Neo-Classical Metal; Shred
flag The Zone Electric; Fusion
flag Racquel Zonte Electric; Rock