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Region Artist/Band Name Style iTunes Edit
flag Yngwie Malmsteen Electric (Heavy); New Age; Rock
flag Christopher Maloney Electric; Rock; Progressive
flag Mambo Sons Electric; Rock
flag Man On Fire Electric; Progressive; Pop
flag Man Vs. Himself Electric; Fusion
flag Harvey 'The Snake' Mandel Electric; Rock; Electronica
flag Harvey Mandel Electric; Rock
flag Ahmad Mansour Electric; Fusion
flag Eric Mantel Electric; Rock; Fusion
flag Khan Manuel Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Roy Marchbank Electric; Rock; Fusion
flag Al Marconi Acoustic; World; New Age
flag Mariani Electric (Heavy); Rock
flag Pete Marinovich Acoustic; World
flag Doug Markley Electric; Smooth Jazz
flag Cesar Maroll Acoustic; World; Flamenco
flag Greg Marra Electric (Heavy); Shred; Hard Rock
flag Mike Martin Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Fusion
flag Alex Martinho Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Shred
flag Pat Martino Electric; Jazz
flag Martone Electric; Rock
flag Masi Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal
flag Alex Masi Acoustic; Classical; Neo-Classical Metal
flag Masquerade Of Shadows Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Progressive
flag Danny Masters Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Tak Matsumoto Electric (Heavy); Rock; World
flag Mattsson Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Progressive
flag Lars Eric Mattsson Electric (Heavy); Neo-Classical Metal; Shred
flag Roger Matura Acoustic; New Age; Jazz
flag Rogerio Maudonnet Electric; Hard Rock; Fusion
flag Dan McAvinchey Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Peter McCarthy Electric; Rock
flag Bill McCormick Electric; Jazz
flag Susan McDonald Acoustic; Classical; World
flag Scott McGill Electric; Fusion
flag Scott McGill's Hand Farm Electric; Fusion
flag McGill/Manring/Stevens Electric; Fusion
flag Dean McGinnes Electric; Rock; Hard Rock
flag Sean McGowan Acoustic; Fingerstyle; Jazz
flag Jimmy McIntosh Electric; Rock; Blues
flag Rick McKown Acoustic; Fusion
flag John McLaughlin Electric; Fusion
flag McLaughlin/DiMeola/De Lucia Acoustic; Jazz; Flamenco
flag Kevin McLeod Acoustic; Rock
flag MCM Electric (Heavy); Shred; Hard Rock
flag Randy McStine Electric (Heavy); Shred; Hard Rock
flag Greg Meckes Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Fusion
flag Greg Meckes Band Electric; Fusion
flag Miguel Mega Electric; Fusion
flag Megadeth Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal
flag Hubi Meisel Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Shred
flag Chris Mello Electric; World; Jazz
flag Melodic Meltdown Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Classical
flag Melodic Soloists: Melodic Soloists Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Shred
flag Vince Mendoza Electric; Rock
flag Dave Meniketti Electric; Blues; Rock
flag Mermen Electric; Surf; Rock
flag Mitch Merrett Electric; Rock; Country
flag Merry Axemas: Merry Axemas Vol. 1 Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Merry Axemas: Merry Axemas Vol. 2 Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock