June-July 2003

Vol. 8, No. 1: June-July 2003
Leading Instrumental Guitar Site Marks Anniversary
Guitar Nine Celebrates 7 Years Online

Welcome to the June edition of Guitar Nine's on-line magazine. June of 1996 marked our entry into cyberspace, and after seven years, Guitar Nine has become the leader in providing the widest selection of instrumental guitar recordings, news and information. To celebrate, we've added 42 new releases to the site, including instrumental CDs by Kevin Laliberte, Clarelynn Rose, Paulo Barros, Trem, Guitarristas, Steve Gibb, Supertones Surf, Ron Jarzombek, Glen Snyder, Joy Basu, Ted Killian, Spastic Ink, Ben Lacy, Tim Callobre, Shane Theriot, Eric Paschal, Spaced Out, Tony Baena, Carlos Creator, Gongzilla, Dixie Dregs, Colaiuta/Ford/Haslip, Rippingtons, Derek Sherinian, Sydnei Carvalho, V8, Guitarras Vol. 1, Mazurek`s Maze, Les Sabler, Paul Rose, Budapest West, Johnny Roth, Keith Miller, Djam Karet, Neil Brocklebank, Dave Beegle, John Scofield Band, Marty Friedman, Mike Campese and Deluc. You can now listen to and order 1155 instrumental releases by 651 different artists. Visit the Instrumental Guitar Showcase to browse and listen to all of these dynamic recordings, or check out our recommendations page. If you've released an instrumental project, get all the details about merchandising through Guitar Nine, and decide if it's right for your music (if you've released a guitar-oriented CD with vocals, click here).

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