February-March 2009

Vol. 13, No. 5: February-March 2009
Global Recession Killing Guitar Music?
Fans/Artists Say, "You'll Have To Pry My Guitar From My Cold, Dead Hands!"

Welcome to the February edition of Guitar Nine's on-line magazine. Recessions, layoffs, bankrupcies - who needs 'em? We're thriving, and we'll keep picking, strumming, sweeping and shredding throughout the global economic meltdown. You can help by supporting your favorite sites and stores, participating, visiting and spreading the word. We've added 17 releases to the site in the past two months, including instrumental CDs by Ken Hatfield And Friends, Brian Butler, Doug Markley, Scott Motyka, Steve Booke, Project 7, Mark Raphael, Brian Tarquin, El Becko (Beck Tribute), Diego Garcia, Neal Nagaoka, Roger Filgate, Dave Celentano, Razorblades, Mateus Starling, Presenter and Rikk Beatty. You can now listen to and order 1982 instrumental releases by 1202 different artists.

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