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"Isla Del Sol"

The Story
Building on his legacy of excellence and invention, "Isla Del Sol", Armik's fifth album on Baja/TSR Records is born. It is hot, exciting, romantic, and very exotic. Unlike anything else you've ever heard before, "Isla Del Sol" will take you to far away places that can only be imagined in your dreams. "This album is a reflection of my life. Music is my life," the guitarist proudly says. "Isla Del Sol" gives a special meaning to this beautiful instrument, "guitar". As the guitarist says, "It brings pride and much deserved respect for the instrument." It is a very emotional album. The title track and "Heaven's Touch" are two examples. When listening to this album you will experience these emotions and feelings in each song. Armik's distinctive musical style tells stories of love, life and pure moments of joy.

The Music
04:58 Isla Del Sol Instrumental
04:48 Marbella Instrumental
04:47 Heaven's Touch Instrumental
05:13 Tropical Breeze Instrumental
04:43 Hearts Racing Instrumental
04:44 One Summer Night Instrumental
05:13 You're My Love Instrumental
04:43 Cordoba Instrumental
04:41 Stolen Moments Instrumental
04:26 Half Moon Bay Instrumental
04:19 Forever And Ever Instrumental
03:50 Una Guitarra Instrumental

The Artists
Armik  -  Flamenco Guitars, Hand Claps, Production, Arrangements, Mixing and Programming Direction
Wayne Jones  -  Programming Engineering
Micahel Aarvold  -  Engineering, Mixing
Bernie Grundman  -  Mastering
Martino Dorce  -  Original Cover Painting
Jay Boivin  -  Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography
Shakeh Aghajanian  -  Additional Graphic Design
Michael Wong  -  Photography

Recorded at Castle Oak Productions.

Mastered at Bernie Grundman Studios.

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