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"Into The Eye Of The Storm"

The Story
Artension is centered around twenty-two year old Ukrainian keyboardist Vitalij Kuprij and Swiss guitarist Roger Staffelbach. On their debut, "Into The Eye Of The Storm", incredible vocals by John West help create a progressive metal sound inspired by bands such as Rainbow and Dream Theater, complete with wailing solo trade-offs. Artension was born when Shrapenl label head Mike Varney evaluated a demo from Vitalij Kuprij and Roger Staffelbach (called Atlantis Rising) and decided to put them in a studio with John West, bassist Kevin Chown and drummer Mike Terrana, whom Varney had known from previous projects. The restul is a neo-classically inspired version of progressive metal on tracks such as "World Of Illusion", "The Key" and the title track.

The Music
05:31 World Of Illusion Vocal
04:36 Into The Eye Of The Storm Vocal
05:12 Smoke And Fire Vocal
06:14 The Wind And The Rain Vocal
06:00 Lost Memory Vocal
06:35 The Key Vocal
03:34 Song Of The Desert Vocal
07:05 Red's Recovery Vocal
05:06 Let It Ride Vocal
02:28 I Don't Care Vocal

The Artists
Roger Staffelbach  -  Guitars, Production
Vitalij Kuprij  -  Keyboards, Production
Mike Terrana  -  Drums
Kevin Chown  -  Bass
John West  -  Vocals
James Murphy  -  Final Guitar Solo (First Half) on "Red`s Recovery", Guitar Overdub Engineering
Mike Varney  -  Production
Larry Brewer  -  Engineering (Basic Tracks), Keyboard and Vocal Overdub Engineering
Dylan Champagne  -  Engineering Assistance
Joe Marquez  -  Keyboard and Vocal Overdub Engineering
Scott Johnson  -  Keyboard and Vocal Overdub Engineering
Lovell Moorer III  -  Additional Bass Overdubs
Tim Gennert  -  Digital Editing on "World Of Illusion"
Steve Fontano  -  Mixing on Songs 2, 3, 5, 6, 7
Jim Dean  -  Mixing on Songs 1, 4, 8, 10
Mark Robertson  -  Acoustic Piano Engineering
Mike Iacopelli  -  Mastering

Recorded and mixed at Prairie Sun Studios. Guitars recorded at Sound Temple Studios. Acoustic Piano recorded at Cairo West Studios. Bass recorded at Number 5 Music.

Mastered at Cryrock.

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