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About The Interview


Todd Ferguson continues the one-man band with his latest CD, a self-titled album which follows along the path laid out by his last recording "Good Vs. Evil". Ferguson promotes a positive approach through his music and goes for a heavy, full sound in spite of being the only musician featured on all tracks.

Dan McAvinchey recently held a virtual interview with Ferguson, with some questions about his new release, and discussing how independent musicians like him promote their work.

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  Dan McAvinchey: Todd, your new album is a self-titled follow up to your last CD "Good Vs. Evil". What was your main musical goal this time around?

Todd Ferguson: I wanted to make a heavier rock/fusion sounding CD. That was the mood I was in when I picked up the guitar and started writing the first song.

Dan McAvinchey: Your album is being promoted as "Instrumental Rock focused on Christian influences". For someone that is not sure what that means, can you explain that in more detail?

Todd Ferguson: I try to make a positive note (or notes) on what I am playing. It is much more difficult to get that message out through a note on a guitar than it would be to sing a word. I am a Christian, and since I'm not singing, I try and bring out a positive approach through the guitar and my song titles.

Dan McAvinchey: What do you think is most important in constructing a great and memorable guitar solo?

Todd Ferguson: To me personally it would have to be the feeling. After listening to so many great guitarists over the years, I don't think I'm qualified to answer that question yet.

Dan McAvinchey: Since you're doing all the guitars, bass and drums on your album, do you miss the interaction with other musicians at all?

Todd Ferguson: Sometimes... but to me the greatest compliment I've received by someone listening to this CD (other than the cover) has been, "Who's playing drums? Who's playing bass?" I wanted this CD to sound like four musicians jamming live in a studio, and if that's what it sounds like to someone, then that makes it better.

Dan McAvinchey: What is your strategy to getting the word out there about your new album?

Todd Ferguson: This interview is by far the best thing. I really appreciate what Guitar9 does. There are so many great musicians on your web site that... well - this is an honor. I have mailed out a lot of copies to alternative radio staions and have had it played on one station. Also, it sells through cdbaby.com. I don't expect much, but everyone I have given a copy to so far (that I know) has liked it.

Dan McAvinchey: Are you also using social media sites to attract attention to your music? What is the best way for fans to keep up with your activity?

Todd Ferguson: I don't have a website any more, so the best way would be to email me at goodvsevil@bellsouth.net.

Dan McAvinchey: Will you get the opportunity to perform these new tracks in front of a live audience?

Todd Ferguson: I don't have anything lined up right now, but I did get a phone call from one of my old band mates who plays guitar in a band and they were mentioning about maybe playing some of my songs - so we'll see.

headline Dan McAvinchey: Does the fact that the majority of music now is consumed through downloading of mp3s rather than physical media change the way you prepare and record an "album"? Does the concept of an album have the meaning it once did, when an artist can release a couple of tracks at any time?

Todd Ferguson:Not really for me so much. Fifteen ago there is no way that I could have done what I can do now. I knew from the get go that I wanted to make another "physical CD", even if it was just to give a few copies to friends. I still like looking at someone's CD cover while I'm listening to it if I want to. But on the other hand, If I hear an mp3 by someone I don't know, it may inspire me to buy the whole CD!

Dan McAvinchey: What are the two or three tracks off of your latest album that you'd prefer a potential new fan would have to hear?

Todd Ferguson: "Smoke and Mirrors", "On The Same Page", and "The MoneyChangers".

Dan McAvinchey: Are you beginning to make plans for another recording?

Todd Ferguson: I am playing a few new things. I hope to at some point - working full time and family makes it more interesting.

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