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The purpose of the Guitar Nine Home Studio Registry is to allow owners and users of home/project studios to communicate with other musicians who are doing similar projects and work.

Far from being the solitary musician locked in a spare room with a bunch of expensive toys, you will finally be able to hook up with others who have many of the same dreams and aspirations as you do.
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Gary P. Alexander's Studio Details

Been building my studio for commercial use (seriously) for about 9 years now.
E-mail: Click To Send E-mail

Web site: www.limitedaccess.net/ProjectStudio.htm

Main purpose: Demos
Secondary purpose: Commercial work

Recording knowledge level: Above average
MIDI knowledge level: Average

Typically work (with): Other musicians
Completed songs/demos/jingles: 21-40

Future plans: Currently working on an original acoustic based singer songwriter demo

Guitars: Primarily Martin acoustic and Custom/Modified Fender Strat. Also have a Washburn Cumberland Jumbo, Rickenbacker 4001 Bass, and a Gibson ES345
Keyboards: Retro stuff Korg Poly 800, Roland Juno 2and believe it or not Casio VZ10-M
Sound modules: The Casio plus the modules on the PCs I have, which are mostly yamaha based, Lexicon Omega
Percussion: Pacific Drums CX Series, 7 pc with all upgrades, Toca Congas and other misc. percussion

Effects: Rolls Mic Pre, Art OPL Pre (tube), Ultraverb II, Alesis Compressor, A Zoom Effects Processor
Microphones: Too many to list, but no Neumans (yet)
Mixer: Mackie 8 Buss and a Yamaha MG16/6fx
Tape decks: Teac 1/4" Stereo
Hard disc recorders: Fostex D160
Monitoring system: Powered Event Studio 5s for the control room. Crate 100w x2 for the Studio. I use AKG headphones ... 240s are my headphone of choice. Also a couple pairs of AKG K66 open backs.

Computers: Base PC is a Toshima running Cakewalk Pro Audio 8 Two Internal Hard Drives and an 80 gig External USB drive. memory - 1 gig
Music software: Sonar 4.00
Other equipment: Fender DSP 90; Peavey classic 212 tube amp , plus a 212 chorus. A big ol Peavey bass rig with a 15 and two 10s coupled with a a 260 w x 2 power amp. Pedals, effects and all the other stuff needed to make it go and keep it in working order.

Comments: Been building my studio for commercial use (seriously) for about 9 years now. Although I've been collecting equipment, knowledge and working on my playing and technical chops for over 30 years. Music is a business, treat it like a business and you can make a living - don't and you'll spend a lot of money with little other than equipment to show for it. Don't be full of yourself and ask for help when you need it.

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