Home Studio Registry: Zdenek Valecko

Future plans/projects

My second heavy metal CD; psychotropic guitar recording with audio strobe for light glasses; new age relax music;


Custom made 6-string electric guitar (Stephan Skulavik); 4-string bass guitar Jolana Diamond; acoustic 6-string guitar by Cort;


Roland Alpha Juno 2;

Sound modules

Yamaha TG 300; Digidesign Sample Cell II PC sampler; monophonic analog MIDI synthesiser of my own design based on Moog design;


None, drums made by sampler;


Alesis Quadraverb GT; Alesis 3630 compressor; Behringer Ultrafex II; Hughes and Kettner Tubeman Plus;


Shure Beta Green 4.0 + AKG PF20 popfilter;


Alesis 1622 mixer;

Tape decks

Sony TC-K415 for cassete demos; DAT Sony TCD-D3 for mastering (it is not my own);

Hard disk recorders

Digidesign Session 8;


Sony TA-F535R amplifier; Philips CD 751 CD-Player; handmade 3-way reproboxes based on Tesla design; Sony CD-450 headphones;


Atari Mega ST, 540MB HDD, 4MB RAM; K5/166, 64 MB RAM, 2*2GB HDD + 1*1GB SCSI HDD for HDR, Turtle Beach Tropez sound card;

Music software

Steinberg Cubase 3 for ATARI ST; Digidesign Session 8; Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 4.0; Sonic Foundry CD Architect 4.0; Waves L1 Ultramaximizer;

Additional equipment

MIDI interface MusicQuest 8Port/SE; wah-wah Jim Dunlop Cry Baby; tuner Boss TU-12; 10-band graphic equalizer of my own design; UPS HP Powerwise 600; HP Deskjet 890C printer;

Additional notes

I hope, this equipment will stay with me forever. I love it. I works fine. Power of my older computers is (surprisingly) enough.

Primary use Secondary use
Composition Recording
Recording level MIDI level
High Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone 21-40