Home Studio Registry: Wayne Stephens

Future plans/projects

Build a better space for Mix listening Finish some of the half done tunes Get songs into TV and Film Release some CD's


2-Fender Strats (one w/noiseless pickups), 1-Squire Tele, Squire Baritone, 1-Yamaha SG2000, 1-Taylor 310CE Acoustic, 1-Jackson Stealth, 1-Fender Jazz bass, 1-Tokia Jazz Bass, 1-Cort Headless bass (EMG Jazz pickups)


Kurzweil SP76

Sound modules

Roland D-110 Module, Some software synths


Alesis SR-16, BioDrummer software, Acid Loops.


DBX 160 Compressors (2), Blue tube compressor, FMR Rnc1173 compressor, Tons of "Plug-ins"


Marshall 2001, Nady 900 Large Condenser, SE 3000, multi pattern condenser, Oktava condenser, EV RE-11, EV RE-50, Peavey condensor, Shure SM-57, 58.


Dbx 386 dual ch mic pre, Tascam TDM-1000 w/4 mic pre's

Tape decks

Onkyo Cassette, Sony PCM-R500 DAT, Sony Mini Disc, Iomega CD Burner.


Yamaha Power amps JBL Monitors (4312) Mackie HR824 Sony MDR-V600, 7305 Headphones


IBM Laptop 660e 128meg 10 GigHD

Music software

Vegas Video Acid 3.0 Sound Forge 5.0, 6.0 T-racks

Additional equipment

RME - Digiface, Tascam IF-TAD ADAT converter, dbx 386, dual mic pre w/digi outputs Roland UA-30, USB audio interface Roland UM-2 USB Midi interface

Additional notes

Need a bigger, faster computer and better sound card (THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE)

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Composition
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone 21-40