Home Studio Registry: W.A. Nowotny

Future plans/projects

Working out demo's of my scores of temporary compositions recording demo's and labels for fellow composers new important project of music for motion pictures in Europe


One by rock guitarist and composer PAN BLASKY


Yamaha HX-1 multikeyboard, Studiologic SL-161

Sound modules

Roland U220 Roland JV880


Sennheiser microphone set


Mini Compact8 LEM

Tape decks

AKAI professional MG14D with autolocator ML14 JVC XD-Z1100 DAT recording system REVOX B77 MK-II


Philips Digital DFA888 Magnat Monitor B system


Intel Pentium - II 450Mhz, 360MB ram, SCSI HD system with 2 AV HD

Music software

Cakelwalk Pro Audio, Cool Edit Pro, Others Finale 98, Sibelius, Music Developer 2.0 written by P.Hornegold and W.Nowotny

Additional notes

I'm specialised in music en media for art exhibitons, motion pictures etc.

Primary use Secondary use
Composition Commercial work
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other 61-100