Home Studio Registry: Torsten Matthiessen

Future plans/projects

No major projects at the moment


Fender US strat ('96) Lag Hardline Yamaha CG150CCA (semiacoustic) Terpsichore 7WH (fretless)


Yamaha CS1x Roland alpha-juno-1

Sound modules

GEM S2R Roland SC55 Alesis D-4


Mapex kit and tons of ethnic percussions


Sony R-7 reverb Yamaha SPX990 multieff. Yamaha SPX90II multieff. t.c.electronic G-Force guitar-multieff. t.c.electronic 1210 chorus/flanger Ensoniq DP/2 multieff. t.c.electronic Intonator ------- 2xFocusrite Green 2 mic-pre/eq dbx 586 mic-pre/eq/comp/lim Focusrite Platinium Voicemaster mic-pre/drive/comp/eq/de-ess Bellari RP520 stereo tube mic-pre t.c.electronic 1140 pre/par.eq dbx 566 comp/lim 2xFocusrite Green 4 comp/lim Joemeek SC-2 stereo comp Bellari RP583 comp Focusrite Platinium Compounder exp/comp/lim dbx 1066 exp/comp/lim Aphex 105 gate 3xAlesis Microgate Behringer DSP8000 Ultra-Curve eq Aphex Exciter Type C Pro Co RAT R2DU distortion t.c.electronic Finalizer Express


2xAudio Technica 4033a/SM 2xAKG C3000 AKG D112 2xSennheiser MD421N 5xShure SM-57 Neutrik 3382


Soundtracs Solo Logic 24

Tape decks

Marantz CDR630 Technics CD-player

Hard disk recorders

2xFostex D-108 Fostex D-80


Spirit Absolute 4P - powered nearfield monitors imq stageline 6 ch.headphoneamp 4xSennheiser headphones


K6-2 500MHz, 64MB RAM

Music software


Additional equipment

Roland GM-70 guitar to MIDI converter Simply Dangerous hybrid guitar preamp w/MIDI Rivera S120-210 guitar tube combo Marshall JCM-800 50W head w/1982 4x12" cab. Fenix Bass
Primary use Secondary use
Recording Demos
Recording level MIDI level
High Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100