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Future plans/projects

This site is being updated on the 3rd of Jan 2003. Future plans are to keep recording. Also, my new band is about to start gigging and that is exciting and I hope to do a big spread about us as soon as we start gigging and we can actually say that we have a gig under our belts. Then it will be time for the band to do an album and then hit the road and start promoting that album. In the mean time, I still have lots happening in the studio. Lots of demo work and singer songwriters who need their songs put down to solo albums or other formats.


Larrivee acoustic, fender pre, fender tele, PV Falcon, pan twelvestring,custom made acoustic(I made it), Emperador copy of a gibson(looks like a white falcon) tak avoustie(ef-592), a real funky Eco gutair, hondo chiquta and more ...


Korg cx3, crumar performer, kawai fs680.

Sound modules

Roland td7 Alesis SR16


Roland td7 with all the hardware Alesis sr16 and odds and ends that are lieing around the shop


Odds and ends, this and that mostly compressors and reverbs. That's about all I ever use for effects.


Rode NT1, shure 58s,audio technica atm41, roland dr-20 and dr-10, PVM 520TN, PV580 oh!! I do have a real cool shure 707A!!looks like the green bullet only it's grey. thenihavemoredynamics and a few old fashion ones that kind of just look cool lieing around the studio.


Yamaha mc802 but mostly I just use the 1680

Tape decks

To old four tracks that are just sitting in the corner getting duster. Poor old soldiers. I keep them around because of all the stuff I have arcived on four track.

Hard disk recorders




Music software

Just whatever is in the 1680 version2.06 I think.

Additional equipment

There is all kinds of odds and ends around here. My studio is kind of neat. The sound room is forteen by twenty and the control room is eight by twenty. Seems one never has too much space though.

Additional notes

Always happy to talk shop by email.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Demos
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone More than 100