Home Studio Registry: Tim Nienhuis

Future plans/projects

Tim has worked with Fernando Ortega, Anna Nalick, Crystal Lewis, Keith and Kristyn Getty, Tammy Trent, John Andrew Schreiner, Bryan Duncan, Harvest Crusade Band, Steve Wiggins, Bill Batstone, Hanz Ives, Andre Crouch, Natalie Watts, Dennis Agaganian, Scott Cunningham, Stickhouse Productions.......FOX TV, CW, Bravo Channel, Apple, Major League Baseball, McDonalds, CNW Group, McLellan Group...and many more


Guitars: Electric 78' Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 65' Gibson SG Jr. 67' Gretsch Tennesean 81' Fender Telecaster 81' Fender Strat 94' Tyler Studio Elite Strat 07' Duesenberg Starplayer Acoustic 70' Martin D-28 Larrivee D-09 Larrivee L-03 Yamaha 12 String Amps: 66' Fender Pro Reverb 63' Fender Bassman 65' Fender Princeton Reverb 70' Marshall Super Bass 70' Marshall Super Lead (Modded by Dave Friedman) Bad Cat Cub II Reverb Native Instruments Guitar Rig Native Instruments Guitar Combos

Music software

Pro Tools

Additional equipment

API Preamps and D/A converters
Primary use Secondary use
Recording Commercial work
Recording level MIDI level
High Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100