Home Studio Registry: Tim Dailey

Future plans/projects

Record and release indie product


ESP Strat, 8 string bass, Fender "P/J" fretless bass, Fender Precision "P/J" bass , Fender Jazz bass,Kubicki XFactor bass.


Roland D70, many soft synths!


REMO 6 piece drumset with Randall Mays Mic System and all Zildjian cymbals,LP Cosmic Congas, most hand percussion devices.


Alesis MicroverbIV, Alesis MidiverbII, ART DR2A, Orban Compressor/de-essor,Urie LA4 Compressor, Symmetrix quad Expander/gate, Loft 450 analog delay/chorus, DBX166 stereo compressor, Roland/Boss Stereo compressor/expander, ADA 2FX digital effects unit, Rane PE-15 parametric E.Q.


Rode NT-1,NT-3,RCA77DX(pair),AKG C3000(pair),C535EB(pair),CAD E-200,ShureSM57,SM77,SM58,SM59,SM55,Countryman condensor,Sennheiser 406,CAD"Drumkit set" AKG Solidtube, B&K 4000 matched pair.


Tascam M3500,

Tape decks

Tascam MSR16 ,Pioneer RT1050(1/4in. half track)TEAC 3340(4track 1/4in.), Tascam DA20(DAT), Sharp SX-D100(DAT)Pioneer SX850 (3 head Cassette) Pioneer CT-F1250(3 head cassette)

Hard disk recorders

Alesis AI3, Benchmark 2004(super hi quality A/D convertor)


JBL 4 way custom array with Bryston 4B power,nearfield Mackie HR824 biamped monitors


AMD 2800XP with768mb mem,1600gb RAID drive 80gigIDE,30gigIDE,Syjet1.5gig(removable)Seagate SCSI 4.3gig Yamaha SCSI 4416CD burner,2 Yamaha DSP2416 soud Factory cards with AX16 ADAT I/F,Digi96/8 with Optical/AES/SPDIF,17in. LCD 850VAR UPS

Music software

Soundforge 6.0, CoolEditPro 2.1, Sonic Foundry Vegas 5, Sonic Foundry CD Architect,T-Racks mastering, Soundforge Acoustic Mirror,T.C. Native Reverb,Waves PowerPack Plug in's, BBE Sonic Maximizer, Antares Auto Tune, Antares Mic Modeler

Additional equipment

Ampeg SVT with 8-10 cab, Fender Twin, Yamaha EM-150 PA (for rehearsals) Active and Passive direct boxes, tons of wires, and adapters.

Additional notes

Love to do Real music with Real humans in Real time!!!

(studio motto)

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Composition
Recording level MIDI level
High Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100