Home Studio Registry: Terence Lee

Future plans/projects

Create more demos and records for myself and others


Korg Trinity, Korg IS30 , Yamaho Motif

Sound modules

Soundfonts, Emu, Giga-sampler,Kurzweil


Yamaha DX11,MPC2000, Korg ES1


ART FX1, Peavey Ultrafex, Tons of Computer based effects From TC Electronics, DSP, Waves, Sonic Foundry and Many more!!!


Shure SM57s, Shure Unidyne II, Rode NT1, Neueman U87


Tascam DM24, Mackie CRX

Tape decks

Akia S3000 1/4 inch


Aleasis RA150, Peavey 200 watt,with 2 12" mids' ,2 15"subs with mid/high horns , Yamaha NS10s , Roland rsm


(1)G4 800 512 Mem ,30 gig drive, Digi 001 Pent. III 600 512 Mem ,20 gig drive, Creative labs Plat. Noontech SAS. Midiman A/D

Music software

Cakewalk Pro Audio ver.9.03 , Cooledit Pro, Steingerg Nuendo, Cubase VST, Logic Audio Plat., Soundforge, Acid Pro, Protools

Additional equipment

6 Channel Grommes Mic-PreAmp,

Additional notes

Looking for R+B Female vocalist to help with current project (NH/MA) Looking for Rappers/hip-hop to help with Current Project (NH/MA)

Primary use Secondary use
Commercial work Demos
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Producer 41-60