Home Studio Registry: Steve Dillon

Future plans/projects

Create music to complete song projectsa


Strats. Gibson SG and Les Paul, Ibanez Artcore and RG370, Tele, custom made Koll - Fender and Ibanez bass's.



Sound modules

Midi USB connection on keyboard, Line 6, Alesis Multi mix, USB




Thru mixer Behringer PMH 5000 Boss guitar effects


Shur SM58's and 57's and MXL desk tops


PMH 5000 - Multimix Alesis -

Tape decks

Small Korg CR4 cassette for an analog sound no others yet

Hard disk recorders

Computer as well as Fostex MR-8 track


Yamaha 8" Powered Behringer PA 400 amp Headphones a few Audio Technica and a few Yamaha and 1 Sennheiaser HD 280


1 Dell intel 3.2 G dvd RRW 2 G Ram 2 80 G HD alo 2 project omputers both intel dvd fast windows XP pro in Dell and 1 project has Linux open source 1 has XP home many softwares for all types of Multi Media. virtual track mix/rec and video cap.

Music software

MultiTrack Studio, Pulse Master, Windows 10 media, CalkwalkSonar Home studio 6, Finale 2007, ome other open source.

Additional equipment

Working on it

Additional notes

I am trying to learn more about how to intergrate my sounds and mix my music so it come out clear and bright. Most interested in getting as much of what;s in my mind and soul onto disk before it's too late. At least once it's committed to tape ot disk it can be used or mixed later even if I'm gone.

Primary use Secondary use
Other Other
Recording level MIDI level
Average Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles