Home Studio Registry: Sergio Molina Vindas

Future plans/projects

To built a room for clients who need to stay with us several days


Yamaha Let it Rock 1212,Kay Nylon, Valencia electroacoustic. Takamine POD XT, VOX AC15


Roland A33 controller. Kontakt, Giga player, Reason 4 and a lot of virtual synths

Sound modules

Roland JV2080Fully Expanded - We work with virtual synths and samplers actually


Reason RDK, BFD Baterry 3 a lot of sampled sound . Mapez Saturn Pro with a lot of cymbals to chose,


Motu Pro reverb, IK Classik Studio Reverb, Toraverb, AUDIO Damage REVERB


Shure KSM 24 - Shure KSM 24 Yanaha MZ103 Be - Two Samson C01 - Rodhe NT5, Shure Drum Mic Kit, AKG Drum Mic Kit


Mackie 32/4

Tape decks

Hard disk recorders


Event 20/20active Yamaha NS10 vintage


Mac pro Quad Eigth 2.6 2Tb hard Disks

Music software

Digital Performer 6, Logic Audio 8, Bias Peak 5. Plugins: NI Komplete 5, IK Amplitube ( All models) IK Classik Studio revb, PSP( several) Wave Arts, East West QLSO Gold, big library of reason refills includisng Reason Drum Kits, Reason Bass Refill, Reason Pianos

Additional equipment

A large Library of Sounfonts, Sound effects Large Library of Latin Loops from salsa, son, merengue, cumbia and much more

Additional notes

We do a lot of arranging and recording for christian singers in Costa Rica, Central America. We record music for comercial jingles too

Primary use Secondary use
Commercial work Composition
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100