Home Studio Registry: Serge Mailli

Future plans/projects

A remix album of my favorite R&B / Rap/ Hip-Hop songs.


1 cheap acoustic and 1 even cheaper electric


Yamaha SY55, Ensoniq VFX-SD, Kawai K1 II, Mirage, Roland A70 EX

Sound modules

Yamaha TG33, Roland CM 64, Kawai XS-1, Yahama FS1R


Yamaha RX-8, Roland R8


Art LT reverb, Alesis 3630 Compressor, 462 Sonic Maximizer


Shure SM57 and 58, Fostex, AKG


Tascam TM-D1000, Yamaha MV 1602 (16*2 mixer) and Kawai 8 CH mixer

Tape decks

Roland VS-840 EX, Sony PCM-R300 Dat, Denon DTR80P portable dat, Sony MDS 530 MD recorder, Sharp 702 Portable MD recorder, Optimus DCC (Digital Compact Cassette)

Hard disk recorders

Roland VS-840


Alesis RA100, TOA speakers, Crate PA4, JBL 5 monitors


Custom made PIII 800 Mhz,with 80 gigs HD, 512 Mb RAM. Apple Powerbook G3 (Wallstreet) 250 Mhz, 6 Gig HD, 160 Mb RAM.

Music software

Logic Audio Gold 4.5, Acid, Wavelab the PC. Logic Audio Gold 4.5, Protools LE, Peak on the Macintosh.

Additional notes

I live in metro Atlanta, GA and I am looking for a good female singer or female group for my next project.

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Recording
Recording level MIDI level
Above average High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone 21-40