Home Studio Registry: Sean Walsh

Future plans/projects

In process of starting commercial jingle and custom soundtrack studio. Hopefully move to a larger facility within 3 years. Working on original CD currently.


'75 Fender Strat, Ovation Acoustic and Various electrics, acoustics and basses.


Midi Controller with Roland and Alesis outboard gear

Sound modules

Roland PMA-5, JV-880, Sound Canvas Turtle Beach Midi Card


Roland Digital Drum Set - V-Drum Alesis SR-16


Alesis Midiverb III Berhenger Processors - AutoFX Digitech Delay Rack, RP-10, Various Boss and Zoom Efeects Alesis 3630 Compressor/Limiter BBE Sonic Maximizer DBX De-Esser Various EQ


EV RE-20 n/d Oktava MK-1 Audio Technica 4033 Shure SM-57 and 58s AKG Handhelds CAD Drum Kit Mics


Yamaha Promix 01 Mackie 16 channel

Tape decks

Teac 3440 Reel to Reel Tascam 34B Reel to Reel Philips CD Recorder (For Mastering) Sony Minidisc Deck (For Mastering) Pioneer Cassette Decks (For Reference)

Hard disk recorders

Yamaha MD-8


Alesis 100-watt Reference Amp Alesis Monitor One Reference Monitors AudioSource Monitors (for reference mix) Classic Pioneers (for bare-bones reference)


Pentium III 500 Mghz 13-gig w/Digital soundcard and CD burner

Music software

Cakewalk Home Studio 09 Powertracks ProAudio Sound Forge (For Mastering)

Additional equipment

Various Video Equipment
Primary use Secondary use
Demos Commercial work
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 21-40