Home Studio Registry: Sara Stearns

Future plans/projects

I'm a location recordist, usually recording live classical performances for mostly archival purposes. I also record demo CDs for students for submission to universities. I am currently working (03/2011) with a retired operatic tenor, recording obscure pieces for future CD release.





Sound modules





Adobe Audition 3


Royer SF-12 stereo ribbon; Beyerdynamic MC-930 SDC pair; Beyerdynamic MC910 SDC omni (three); Stellar CM-6 tube LDC; Audix SCX-25A; Naiant X-W SDC omni (three); Naiant MSH-1 pair; and others.


Adobe Audition 3; Mackie Control Universal; Mackie 1202 (original)

Tape decks

Legacy Tascam 4 and 8 track open reel machines, Sony DTC-35ES DAT, Alesis Blackface ADAT, Marantz PMD502 cassette recorder

Hard disk recorders

Alesis HD-24XR with fan mod for quiet operation


Scan-Speak two-way custom monitors; Velodyne ULD-15 subwoofer; Perreaux PMF-2150B MOSFET power amplifier; RME Digi 96/32 PCI card; Mytek Stereo 96 DAC; Mackie Onyx 400F; Mackie Control Universal; Etymotic ER-4S IEM's; Sennheiser 580 cans


Custom built XP box: AMD processor, I forget the motherboard maker, silent fan quiet case

Music software

Adobe Audition 3; Audacity; Korg Audiogate; Logic 8

Additional equipment

Preamps: AEA TRP; Seventh Circle Audio T-15 x 3; Symetrix SX202; Mackie Onyx 400F; Rane DMS-22; Infrastructure: Bogen-Manfrotto tall stands, various K&M stands, A/B stereo bar, AEA Decca Tree armature; CD recorder: HHB CDR 830; Production: ILY 5 target CD duplicator, Primera Bravo II CD printer. Assorted other gear.

Additional notes

Live performance, location classical/choral recordist. Student demo CD recordist. I also engineer and produce CDs of some of the performances I capture.

Primary use Secondary use
Other Commercial work
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles