Home Studio Registry: Roy Vogt

Future plans/projects

I am recording remote sessions on bass (upright and electric fretted and fretless) for various CD projects. In addition, I am recording demos for a couple of new band projects with Stan Lassiter and Dale Armstrong and doing preproduction for a Celtic fiddle/World Beat CD I'm producing in in November.


Modulus fretted and fretless Quantum 6s, Carvin Fretted and Fretless 6s, Conklin 7 string bass, Fender Jazz bass, Fender Mustang bass with flatwounds, Alembic bass, Hotwire fretless 6, Hungarian and Czech upright basses, Carruthers Electric Upright, Chapman Stick


Casio Controller running software synths.

Sound modules

Software synths (primarily Reason)


Zoom and Yamaha drum machines, but drums are primarily loops (Acid) or sequenced software (Sonar, FL Studio 4, etc.). I will also record a drummer.


Waves Platinum Bundle, Sonar and VST Plugins, Behringer V-amp Pro, Eden Navigator Pre-amp


Shure 57s, 58s, and Audio-technica and Rode condenser mics


Carvin Studio Mate 16 channel


David Eden self-powered monitors, Lab Tech, Koss, and Sony hearphones


Homebuilt AMD 1250 with 1000 gigs of RAM with 80 gig system drive and 160 gig audio drives (2) Dell Pentium 4 3000 with 1000 gigs of RAM and 80 gig system drive and 160 gig audio drives

Music software

Sonar 7.5, Cubase 5.0 VST 32, Acid, Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, Band in a Box 2007, Reason, many, many plug-ins, FL Studio 4 for drum machine programming

Additional notes

This is primarily an overdub studio for me to add bass tracks to projects. If you'd like me to add some bass to your instrumental guitar (or other) projects contact me through my website or through www.esession.com or www.sessionplayers.com

Very reasonable rates!

Primary use Secondary use
Commercial work Recording
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100