Home Studio Registry: Ron Westphal

Future plans/projects

Record/drum on Greg Griffins 3rd Cd. We're very excited to have Shane Gaalaas (Cosmosquad,Schenker,Yngwie,V.Moore,etc) playing drums on a few of the songs for a future release. Shanes drums were recorded and produced by the amazing Jeff Kollman. Also, Barry Sparks played bass on 2 of the tracks that Shane did. Plan to record my own material,learn Digital Performer better. Learn to play some solos decently. Continue songwriting and recording for WMD with my friends Ed Dressel and Terry Maxx.


Carvin DC400T, Aria Pro II Les Paul copy, National Tele-copy, Ovation Custom Balladeer acoustic, Ibanez 5 string bass,, Fretlight 400 series guitar.


Ensoniqs SQ-2


I now own a set of Pearl Masters Custom series,with Platinum Mist finish, and gold plated hardware. Paiste Signature series cymbals. It's nice. Also, my keyboard has drums and a built in sequencer. Added a Yamaha 6.5"x14" metal snare to my set.


Alesis Q2 w/digital I/O and an Ensoniq DP/4+


Rode K2,1-AKG 414B-ULS,1-AKG C3000, 2-Shure SM57,2-Crown PZM D30's 2-Radio Shack PZM'S, AKG D112, Radio Shack condenser, Shure headset mic, 5 Audix F90 tom mics, Samson Q7


DP and MOTU 2408 Mk3 w/ Cuemix

Tape decks

,JVC cassette-dual,

Hard disk recorders

Alesis Masterlink


Crown PB-1, JBL 4410, Audio Technica M40 (2) and Extreme Isolation Headphones, Rolls RA62HA headphone amp, Shure in ear monitors-great for recording drums!


Apple 2x 2.8MHz Intel Quad core Mac Pro. Also,1.7MHz DP, Superdrive,6Gb Ram,80/120/250 and 500GB HD's,22" monitor.

Music software

MOTU Digital Performer 7.24, Audiodesk,Waves-Renaissance Collection,etc .UAD-1&2 PCIe card and various UAD plugins . Drumagog replacement software.

Additional equipment

Fractal Audio Axe FX unit (standard), Marshall JCM900 model 4100 w/Marshall 4-12 Vintage slant cab with 'Hellatone' Vintage 30's, Got a Focusrite 428w/digital card, an API A2D, a Vintech 1272 mic pre and a Focusrite Platinum Octopre. Also a Behringer Composer-comp/limiter. Lucid GENx192 master clock and BFD drum sample library.

Additional notes

Been playing drums about 30 years, into stuff like Opeth, Liquid Tension Experiment,Spastic Ink, Cosmosquad, and anything with Deen Castronovo on skins, and all good Guitar oriented music, mostly heavier stuff. Also play rhythm guitar and sing, write lyrics and play bass.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Jamming and Fun
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians