Home Studio Registry: Ron Bass

Future plans/projects

Keep learning and, one day, (after I've bought EVERYTHING I THINK I need), get back to recording wantever *I* want, whenever *I* want to. Has anyone EVER achived that, while having a normal life?


Peavey Falcon, P-bass, Takamine acoustic


Roland JV-80, Yamaha DX-7

Sound modules

Roland JD-990, Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas, Roland MS-1 phrase sampler


Alesis SR16, various latin perc items


Lexicon LXP-5, Alesis QuadraVerb, Yamaha FX-500, Effectron II delay, Berhinger MX1200 compressor, Vally International compressor, BBE Maximiizer various stereo and mono EQs, Sansamp GT2


SM57s, SM58s, AKG-1000E, Stedman N9, Radio Shack PZMs


Alesis 1622, Allen and Heath 8-channel expander

Tape decks

Alesis adat (ver 4.02), Fostex T20 analog tape, Teac DAP-7 dat, Sony MD, various casstte decks


Some old Marantz hi-fi amp (about 2 x 60 watts), JBL 4408 monitors, JBL Control-5s w/JBL Control-5 Sub, Audio-technica ATH-M40 phones


Atari 1040STE w/270Mb HDD, AST 486DX2-66 w/1.5Gb HDD

Music software

Atari .....Dr. T's KCS Level II, Tiger, (Main MIDI sequencer) AST..... Power Tracks Pro Audio, various cheap audio editors. (GM work)

Additional notes

More for pleasure than business. Began as a demo facility for my songs and others, but most of the operating income is now from making backing track for 'talent show' and 'pageant' types. Also making custom cuts for dance studios.

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Commercial work
Recording level MIDI level
Average High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone More than 100