Home Studio Registry: Rod Wolfe

Future plans/projects

Completeing my guitar instrumental CD. Publishing my Guitar Scale/Chord Compendium. Completing guitar instructional video series. Expand my current full time guitar instruction buisness. Complete other educational books to aid guitarists.


Ibanez Custom Made S540 FMT.


Alesis Quadrasynth.


Alessis Quadrasynth, hopefully the LM-4 plugin modual for VST/24 soon!


Boss SE-50, and tons of VST/24 and Wavelab plugin effects.


1 Peavey PVM80, 2 Peavey 45i.


Peavey Unity 2002/16RQ.

Tape decks

Sony TC-WE405 duel casette deck.

Hard disk recorders

Marantz CDR-630.


Complete Sony System.


P233MMX, 64megs ram, Yamaha CDRW, 3 Hdrives (1 SCSI), optimized for digital audio using the Echo Layla PCI Audio Card.

Music software

Cubase VST/24 3.7r2, Wavelab 2.0 (upgrading to 3.0 soon!), Soundforge, Cool Edit Pro, Band-in-the-Box, CD Architect.

Additional equipment

Peavey Tubefex with PFC-10, Peavey Q215 eq, Peavey 4C Power Amp, Peavey 1.3k Power Amp, 2 Peavey 4/12 guitar cab, Peavey Renown, 2 Peavey SP4G's.

Additional notes

Music is my life! I'm a full time guitar instructor/studio recording nut who is totally in love with Ibanez guitars, Cubase, Wavelab and the Echo Layla recording cards. I also love and create melodic rock instrumental music... I'd love to here from anyone else who has the same interests. Surf to my web page and drop me an email!!!

Primary use Secondary use
Composition Recording
Recording level MIDI level
Average Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles