Home Studio Registry: Robert Watkins

Future plans/projects

At this time I am using the studio to exclusively record my band, No Mans Land, 1st album


Fender Strat 1985, Fender Strat 1992, Fender Strat Foto Flame 1990, Samick (joise model) Epiphone *less paul, 1983 Jackson R.R 00141, Fender Jagstang, Fender Strat 95 jap model, Dan electro electric, De armond bass, + a 5 string bass.


Roland S-10 ,starfire/w leslie, casino


1969 Slingerland 5 piece, Zoom multi drum...


Yamaha Rev 100, DBX 266sl comp/limt, boss flang, dps 100, Rack Rider rr-15


Marshall MXL2001P, 6 Shure 57's, 3 Shure 58's, EV F vocalist,peavey, Audio Tech


Mackie 24x8x2, Peavey big 8, ^Custom Mixing Counsole constucted by Wishingfield Productions, Owner Dave B.^

Tape decks

TASCAM TSR-8, Fostex 8 M-80, Fostex 4 track, Harmon/Kardon Dual cassette.

Hard disk recorders

None as of today.


AMPS:Crown ComTech 200, Soundcraftsman 1200, Carver 1200 Reference Monitors. Alesis M-1, EAW broadcast playback monitiors, JVC playback monitiors, Cerwin Vega Playback monitiors . Headphones: Pioneer70's, Yamaha S.


DTK w/ Q fire/DVD

Music software

CD Create/ Cakewalk

Additional equipment

Mesa/Boogie Mark 4 head, Ledgend 50 head, peavey 4 channel head, 1960 MusicMan twin, Hartke Bass 1200 head, Mesa 4x12 celestion cab, Mesa 4x12 EV cab, Harke 4x10 Bass cab, Peavey 1x15 bass cab, Cerwin Vega 2x 2 15 w/ horns, Generic 1x15 cabs w/ horns, pevey 1x10 floor monitors

Additional notes

This Studio is a work in progress as they all are, not bad for a start. Additional updates to follow.

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Recording
Recording level MIDI level
High Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 21-40