Home Studio Registry: Robert W. Marcus

Future plans/projects

Home based comedy, expanded studio to full blown Pro Tools.


Mexican Stratocaster, Chinese assembled Fender acoustic, Tobias 5-string electric bass.


Kawai KC-20


Two Yamaha DSP Factory Sound Cards


AT 4033a/SM, AKG C 1000 S


Mackie CR1604

Tape decks

Tascam standard cassette


Old but high powered Yamama P-2200 power amp, McIntosh 2105 power amp for headphones, Crown IC-150 preamp, AR three-way speakers, Sony MDR-V600.


P III 866 MHz, 512K RAM, 40 gig HD @7,200RPM, SCSI HD, 2.1 gig @5,400RPM, HP CD-R/RW burner, two Yamaha DSP Factory sound cards.

Music software

Cakewalk v. 8.04

Additional notes

Yamaha cards make the sound of this system. Huge, spacious sound. I can get up to 24 tracks at CD-quality before system crashes.

Primary use Secondary use
Other Demos
Recording level MIDI level
Average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone 61-100