Home Studio Registry: Rob Phillips

Future plans/projects

I am Computer Software and Hardware Design Engineer by trade in the military sense. My studio development has stemmed from both my love for composing and technical interest in recording music. I have ultimately ended up recording and producing demo CD's for many local guitarists, and have provided simple synth, vocal, and drum and bass backings. I have been supporting a local magazine called BFT (Bands For Today) which I have published on the NET. At the moment my website "www.currentloops.com" is being overhauled but you will find some issues of the magazine there when its back on-line. My direction is towards embedded real time signal processing in the audio industry rather than the military.


I personally only have a custom built 4 string fret, headless bass. All visiting guests of my studio bring what they want. But I have sometimes provided a Fender acoustic and a Fender Strat on loan.


I have several different MIDI controller keyboards but generally operate with just a Kawai K11 and a Korg synth.

Sound modules

GM, GS, Roland, Kawai, Korg


Various percussive instruments, Boss Dr Rythem


Alesis Nanoverb, Alesis NanoCompressor Zoom 505, Zoom 507 Multitude of software effects processors


Audio Technica, Shure, Yoga, Peavey


Boss 16 stereo/mono channel mixer, 4 channel/8 source stereo sampler/mixer

Tape decks

Sony DAT double tape deck

Hard disk recorders

Only computer based


Rotel amp, Roland pre-amp, BOSE studio monitors, Eminar valve amp and tall bins Roland 100 15" Bass cube, Sovteck Quad 10" bin, 5 sets of headphones


Intel PentiumII 533Mhz, 256MbRAM, 13Gb HDD, 50xCD-ROM, LS120 FDD, Sound Blaster Live Digital, VooDoo 3500 TV DV for audio and video mastering. Cyrix x686 200Mhz, 32MbRAM, 4Gb HDD, 24xCD-ROM, Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold PCI for recording and MIDI. Pentium 100Mhz, 24MbRAM, 1Gb HDD, 4xCD-ROM, Sound Blaster 16 for DOS based sequencing (Impulse Tracker, DigiTracker). Osbourne 33Mhz, 8MbRAM, 120Mb HDD, Voice Master Audio sound card for signal processing, sampling and EQ. All networked with NE2000 cards.

Music software

Sampletude, Cool Edit Pro, Cakewalk Pro Audio, Musicator Win Audio Digitrakker, Impulse Tracker, Vienna, Cubase VST24, and also a number of applications I have developed under C++ and Java for real time signal processing (filtering, effects).

Additional equipment

Ricoh CD-ReWriter, SCSI Zip Drive, Parallel Zip Drive Vocal processor, Peavey digital EQ Printers, scanners, oscilloscope, protocol analyser blah blah blah...

Additional notes

I am more into the technical aspects of audio engineering in practice and theory and having plain good fun when it comes to jamming and composing. I have been called to perform with a number of local bands but am not really interested in live performance. I get more satisfaction out of recording, mixing mastering and producing for other musicians. An engineer to the core. As part of my studies I am now dabbling in 3D animation and video production using 3DStudioMax3, Flash and Premiere.

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Composition
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 41-60