Home Studio Registry: Rick Taylor

Future plans/projects

To finish this first album of our band finish the first album for spit fire that I'm currently recording in my studio to promote my band and it's album for a record deal to start a second album to upgrade my studio some more


1980 martinmodel 2437,less Paul styl elctric dual pickup carvin sc90


None at moment

Sound modules

From my home built machine AMD 1400 Mhz.machine


From my home built machine AMD 1400 Mhz.machine


Lexicon muliti FX processor, Alesis qudra verb, Alesis midi verb III, Alesis midiverb II Delta lab effectron II, digitech dsp16


AKG d112, sure 58s, sure 57s,EV 257s, audio technica, EV pl 76bs, 2 large diaphram cadd mics


Allen heath 16x4x2x1 stero Beringer MX9000 24x8x2 with meterbridge

Tape decks

Optimus DCC digital tape, JVC dual well deck

Hard disk recorders



(QSC1500 1500 watt amp)2 home made 12 two way loaded with EVS, 2 yamaha 15" 1000 watt 2way cabs and boom boxes and a home stero for last audio test


My home built AMD 1400Mhz machine with 512mb of ram, two 40-GB IBM hard drives striped together on a built in raid controller of the ASUS mother Board. A SeaSound soloEx and the 6 channel expander, A Toshiba DVD drive and a 16x Plextor CD/RW

Music software

Logic Audio Platinum (super Software)was using cubase5 and cool edit pro

Additional equipment

Main PA 4 18" subs, 2 dual 15" mids, 2 yamaha radial horns and tweters 4 way rane X-over, BBE sonuc maximizer442, dbx 160x, dbx266 project 1,rane re27 furman quad gate,AC-ge215 eq, Ac-ge131 eq,Ibanez ge3101 eq,3 QSC 1500 poweramps 1 QSC 1200 poweramp all dual monoral,4 floor monitor home made loaded with EVS dod twin 15 band monitor EQ,QSC 1500 power amp for monitors,stanard ligh show,Mesaboogi DC5

Additional notes

We have done many live recordings which are how I prefer to record the main body or rhythm tracks of the song. That helps to keep the over dubs to a minimum giving it more of real feel. This leavs room to add more tracks of audio to fatten up the mix.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Practice and Rehearsal
Recording level MIDI level
High Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 41-60