Home Studio Registry: Richard Wilson

Future plans/projects

In the future I plan to take on more private recording contracts and commercial jobs. I need to pay for all this stuff some how...I am in a Christian Group and I bill this as a Christian Home based private studio.


Tetecaster, Joe Pass Emperier II, FG- Yahama, DY-75 Alverez Yairi Guild Hollow body Bass, Washburn M-20 Mandolin


Korg DP3000c, Yamaha DX11, Sequencel Circuit Multi-Trax 6 Dipason 6' Baby Grand , Hammond C-3

Sound modules

EMU-Proteus 1, EMU-PROformance 1, Yamaha TX81Z, Roland MT-32 Atari /w Trax Program


Alesis HR-16, Roland Octapad II, Various Kits in the Synths


3 - Yamaha SPX-90's, Digitech harmonizer


4-Shure SM57, 1-SM58, 1-CAD 100, 1-Audio Centron DE-60, 2-Peavey PVM-580tm 2-Audio Technica AT3525, 1-Beyer TGX-50, 1- Electro Voice-RE10


Berhinger Euro Desk Mx8000, Alesis 1620

Tape decks

2- Adats, Tascam 238, DA-30, 112mkII, Otari CDR-18, Sony MINI Disc


350W peavy amp, 150WQSC Yamaha SN-10M, Auratone, and Custom made Cabs - Assorted, Kross, Pioneer, and Radio Shack headphones


Atari 1040st, NEC Pentium, Gateway2000 W/2Hard drives

Music software

Atari /w Trax Program, Coda

Additional equipment

MediaForms CD2CDpro CD4600-Duplicators (7 Bay CD recorders) Sony CCP-2400 Cassette Duplicators, Alesis3630 Compressor, BBE Maximizer Nemark EQ, DOD Quad Gate

Additional notes

I am a musician at home that takes on private and commercial odd jobs. In small quanities, I can also duplicate CDs, as well as tapes.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Commercial work
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone More than 100