Home Studio Registry: Richard Dolmat

Future plans/projects

Expand to allow full film/tv post and video sync for ADR work.


Ibanez, Fenders


Akai samplers, Reason. VSTi.

Sound modules

VSTi. Reason.


VSTi. Reason.


Pro Tools. Cubase SX. Logic Audio


Groove Tubes MD1, Studio Projects B3, Shure SM57s, SM58s,Audio Technica


Behringer, Internal

Tape decks

Pro Tools, Logic Audio Platinum, Cubase SX.

Hard disk recorders

Alesis ADAT XT


Active Yorkville Monitors with 110dB Sub.


P4 3.1GHz. 120G Hard drive. 10,000 RPM UW-SCSI audio drive. 1G RAM.

Music software

Pro Tools, Logic Audio Platinum, Cubase SX, Reason.

Additional notes

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Primary use Secondary use
Other Commercial work
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100