Home Studio Registry: Raymond DiGiorgio

Future plans/projects

Currently, I'm performing around the San Diego/LA area with my live band, RDG. With the exception of "live" tracks, all of RDG's music has been recorded in my home studio. Future plans include "vocal" colaborations with various local scene frontmen.


All "left-hand" models. Yamaha Pacifica electric, Ibanez EX electric, Fender "San Miquel" acoustic, 82' Fender Strat converted lefty.


Yamaha upright electric piano (old, but killer)


Yamaha RX8 drum machine, 5 piece Yamaha electronic drum set


Digitech 256XL Stereo Effects Unit, ART MultiVerb III Hendrix Fuzz Wha pedal, old barely working phaser pedal, Line6 POD


Shure 57's, Too cool $99 condenser mic, Several cheap ($35)


Mackie 1604

Tape decks

JVC dual cassette deck, Optimus Stereo Cassette Player, Tascam Portistudio 414


100 watt Panasonic power amp/reciever (old and on one leg), 100 watt Optimus Speakers, JVC/SONY headphones


Home-made screamin' PIII. Massive HD plus 40GB stand alone server.

Music software

Midisoft Audio Work Digital Recording Studio, Cool Edit Pro, Autocataylist, et la.

Additional equipment

Many other interesting and barely operational gadgets pedels, mics, amps, effects units, guitars, recorders, and lots of duck tape.

Additional notes

You ever take a long hard look at that ever growing box of tapes, noticing that you have a problem with labeling them, and are clueless as to what's on them? Oh yeah! Writing and recording music sums up who I am. Music is the universial language and will forever move, motivate, and destroy mankind as we know it.

Primary use Secondary use
Practice and Rehearsal Composition
Recording level MIDI level
High Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 41-60