Home Studio Registry: Ranni Johns

Future plans/projects

Jump into the commercial music maze by composing and or working with music production houses. My dream is to compose and place a movie or Tv theme song.




Korg Music workstation o1/wPro

Sound modules



Band in Box Drum Editor


Peavy XRD 680s


Samson Condenser type


Korg Workstation

Tape decks

Sony, Korg

Hard disk recorders

Computer Based and Korg Workstation


Alesis, Peavy


Custom 800MHz AMD Duron 20G HD 128 Ram 16 bit souundcard win98 o/.s

Music software

Soundforge,band in box, cakewalk, midisoft,

Additional notes

I am just beginning to expand my general understanding and knowledge of the music industry. My general interest is in the production and composition of my own material. Primarily pursuing an opportunity to learn how to produce slamming powerful, thumping soundtracks to fit into the commercial and movie/tv arena. I am just intrigue with the music you hear behind the movies and in some commercials. That's where I want to be, in the studio mastering the prize. If you know where I can start give me a buzz

Primary use Secondary use
Composition Other
Recording level MIDI level
Just learning Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone 61-100